Our professionally trained sales team is on hand to help you with any requirement you may have. For day-to-day orders for stock material as well as for material to be produced, where the selection of the right mill(s) for your needs has high priority. And certainly for competitive pricing with reliable and short delivery times which we can guarantee through the allocations for production capacity we have with many mills around the world! Material for (petro-)chemical, offshore or energy and power related application, directly from our huge stocks or produced according to your specification. Of course all material comes from certified and approved manufacturers that guarantee first class quality at a

fair price. Materials can be collected directly from our warehouse or shipped worldwide, whatever your demands are.

Our account oriented approach guarantees that our dedicated sales staff are always up to date with your requirements and preferences and can act to your needs in the most effective way!
Internally your orders are handled by our experienced staff for logistics and quality control, to assure a smooth flow of your orders up to final delivery of materials and documentation. We aim to exceed your expectations!